Survival Server

Core survival Minecraft gameplay experience, with freedom of the world!

Expanded Experience

Traditional Minecraft gameplay, without the bloat, but with modern and useful extras.

Powerful Plugins

Tons of extra features thanks to the power of CraftBukkit and top community plugins!

Cool Community

Join a growing community with awesome people and great admins!

Get the game, add the server above, and start playing now!

Latest News!


1.7.9 installed and server unlocked!

Finally, after many months of updates, things not working, plugin failures and general frustration, only for Mojang to go and release another version, we have a vaguely stable server that I’m comfortable opening to the public.

Please update your Minecraft to 1.7.9 and log in!

Please note that the spawn area is still under heavy construction.

Please contact us if you find you don’t spawn in the underground station.

What is WarnerCraft anyway?

WarnerCraft was started in 2012 by dwarner85 and SmiLeY_ZA with the intention of creating a close online community which was not governed with iron fists, shady politics and lacklustre administration policies, and was a safe, fun and silly place to just play the game.

As of the 1.7 Minecraft update, the gameworld has been reset, and new adventures abound!

The server is hosted in London in the United Kingdom.

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  • Tweet Avatar Server launched (finally) with 1.7.9. Don't all rush at once :P
    4 years ago
  • Tweet Avatar @FragNetwork just got an email notifying me of upcoming maintenance that would have finished 4 hours ago ... wrong dates? or backlog? :)
    4 years ago
  • Tweet Avatar WarnerCraft is changing...
    4 years ago