1.7.9 installed and server unlocked!

Finally, after many months of updates, things not working, plugin failures and general frustration, only for Mojang to go and release another version, we have a vaguely stable server that I’m comfortable opening to the public. Please update your Minecraft to 1.7.9 and log in! Please note that the spawn area is still under heavy […]


Central Station

Built by: dwarner85, babylon3 Build time: somewhere between 7 and 180 days Introduction Welcome to Central Station, WarnerCraft’s very own behemoth above-ground railway hub, connecting you to everywhere around the Warnercraft world. Looking to travel out of the city? Hop on one of the trains out to anywhere you please! With over 20 destinations to choose from, […]


The WarnerCraft Economy / Shops

Does the server have an economy system? Yes we do. Our currency is the wBuck and you receive 5000 of them when you first join the server! This isn’t much, but it’ll get you started! What can I do with the money? wBucks (wB) can be paid to other people for services you do for […]


“Down & Dirty” Farmers Market

Please note: This page is purely here as a placeholder. This shop does not exist yet. “Down & Dirty” has all your fresh produce needs. From seeds and mushrooms, to fruit, vegetables and even milk! The prices are so high because it’s all organic. We swear! *shifty eyes*


Configuring your Minecraft Launcher

You’ll need to ensure that you have the correct version of Minecraft downloaded in your launcher in order to play. The server version is always visible to the right of the  logo, with a little world icon. In order to accomplish this you will need to configure your Minecraft launcher to use this version. There […]


The server is very laggy!

Help! I think the server is laggy! The world is a large one, and from time to time, players who explore  unknown parts of the world can lag-up the world a little bit. For this reason we encourage players to be reasonable with heading into uncharted terrain. Having said that, the server is capable to […]


How to report a problem

Found something that hasn’t been answered? Or is something broken? Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page and explain your issue. This will get sent straight to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! In the event that something serious occurs and there is a severe flaw […]


How to reserve a plot of land (AKA Res-ing)

I’ve totally found the perfect spot! Congratulations! You’ll want to res it! There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you do this. You have a limited number of resses – In order to prevent people from hogging all the good land, you have a limited number of resses that you […]


Basic Server Commands & Travelling

I’ve joined the server and now I’m in a very pretty city (or in an underground subway station). Now what? Welcome to WarnerCraft! The city you see in front of you is the creatively-named “Spawn City” – which you can travel to at any time – instantly – thanks to the /spawn command. If in doubt, […]