The WarnerCraft Economy / Shops

Does the server have an economy system? Yes we do. Our currency is the wBuck and you receive 5000 of them when you first join the server! This isn’t much, but it’ll get you started! What can I do with the money? wBucks (wB) can be paid to other people for services you do for […]


How to reserve a plot of land (AKA Res-ing)

I’ve totally found the perfect spot! Congratulations! You’ll want to res it! There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you do this. You have a limited number of resses – In order to prevent people from hogging all the good land, you have a limited number of resses that you […]


Basic Server Commands & Travelling

I’ve joined the server and now I’m in a very pretty city (or in an underground subway station). Now what? Welcome to WarnerCraft! The city you see in front of you is the creatively-named “Spawn City” – which you can travel to at any time – instantly – thanks to theĀ /spawn command. If in doubt, […]