Server Version: 1.7.9

The current WarnerCraft server version isĀ 1.7.9

This may not be the same as the most recent client version, in which case you will need to create a profile in your Minecraft Launcher. We recommend creating a special ‘WarnerCraft’ profile.

Why can’t we just play with the latest version of Minecraft?

We use something known as CraftBukkit, which is an extension of Minecraft that allows us to use about a kajillion plugins, each of which needs to be updated by the original authors the moment Mojang decide to release a new version of Minecraft. So once that release happens, the dedicated CraftBukkit team then push on to make a stable, working update of their own. More-or-less at the same time, the plugin developers do the same thing. Then we have to install and test it all. Sometimes this whole process is just a few days after the release, and other times it is a lot longer. It’s usually a few weeks.

We don’t run anything less than a second beta version of CraftBukkit on our server, and we will only update if all the core plugins are in working order. There is never an ETA on server updates, so follow us on Twitter to get notified.

How should I set up my Minecraft Launcher?

Click here for instructions!

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