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Lives in: Scotland, the land of eternal crappy weather.

dwarner85 is your resident server owner, PHP web developer, self-proclaimed design guru, hyperbolist, gamer, Liverpool supporter, music producer, terrible office comedian, pizza aficionado and - finally - allround nice guy.

He has a fondness for all things cheesy - both the edible type as well as the adjective version that one uses when describing his jokes. And puns. Lots of puns. You have been warned.

When he's not crafting mines or doing other PC gaming things, he likes listening to and writing music, reading, shouting at the TV and putting off the grocery shopping until next week. It's perfectly okay to live on muesli for a week, yeah? Sweet.


Lives in: South Africa

Hi, I am known as Smiley. Generally I'm a fun guy and I enjoy helping people. I have been with WarnerCraft from the very beginning and have grown with it, learning all kinds of things, meeting new people, having fun. Then again, I'm not someone to mess with.

I don't like it when people are rude, nor does anyone else for that matter. I will treat people as they treat me. I'm a nice guy, If you ask me for something or need my help, I'll try my best to help out where and when I can.


Lives in: Soviet Popular Democratic People's Free Republic of the Kingdom Empire Nation of Babylonia (or SPDPFRKENB for short)

Good old babylon3 is the server's resident Mr Grumpy-pants. Hmmmm. Err. No comment. Um. Hmm. Yeah, that.


Err... hmmm.


Lives in: South Africa

“This is the last time I ever build a redstone circuit!”

Nic often wonders about why he ever chose to play Minecraft in the first place; his insistence on creating perfectly symmetrical buildings and fairly complex redstone circuits has resulted in much frustration and the occasional rage-quit. That being said, he is a friendly and approachable guy, and works on the server as an administrator in order to enhance the experience of those new to - or familiar with - WarnerCraft. His other activities include studying, music (playing and listening) and, more recently, trying to replicate colonial-era creations in Minecraft.

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