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Traditionally, being "whitelisted" on a server meant that you have access to the server and everything available on it, and we were no different. However we have now changed the model a little bit. No longer do you need to be whitelisted to play!

We've done this so that new players can join and get involved in the server without having to essentially leave the game for a time to wait until they've been approved before they can join the fun.

What can’t I do if I’m not whitelisted?

The only things you can't do is use a Bucket or Flint & Steel. You will also be limited to 1 res of a fairly small size limit (128x128).

So why should I get whitelisted?

Even though you can play on the server, getting whitelisted on our server gives you additional benefits - some minor and some major. Other than removing the limitation on buckets and flint & steel, you will be able to create up to 5 resses, with a higher size limit (256x256) for each, at the standard ressing cost. You will also be entitled to priority in support so if things go crazy, an admin will attend to you on a higher priority than non-whitelisted players.

You also get the chance to write up an optional player profile. We really encourage this, and it makes you part of our community, which is what we're striving to build.

Are there levels above ‘Member’ then?

Other than Admins and Moderators, there will be an additional level in the future, called "VIP" - who has the added benefit of a cheaper ressing cost. This status will go to anyone who makes a monthly recurring donation to the server above £2, to help offset the running costs. Anyone who donates £2 or more on a monthly basis will receive the additional benefit of having their res limit increased to 15. All VIPs may receive surprise gift-chests.

Okay so how do I get whitelisted then?

Simply fill in the form below and we will get you whitelisted as soon as possible. This can take up to 48 hours, although your status on the server will likely be updated relatively quickly.

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